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Tribe talking

tribe talking oxtale feature

DEC 2013 –

tribe talking oxtaleI’m proud to be from Liverpool.  I’m proud my Granny worked in the Liver Building, had a shop on Penny Lane AND met legendary LFC manager Bill Shankly.

So, imagine my bewilderment as I took my seat in the Directors’ Box at Old Trafford a couple of weeks ago; me a proud Scouser, the guest of Manchester United!

We arrived early to enjoy our champagne breakfast before walking out to see and feel the empty stadium. I love the anticipation of empty spaces before people gather.  When I worked in theatre, I would sometimes escape the office to sit in the empty auditorium and imagine…

After a little more champagne, our next step out onto the terraces was met by the awesome sight and feel of tribal humanity.  Obviously, the majority of the other 75,332 people now gathered around me were there to support their team.  The frenzy of black and white flag-waving and cheeky high spirits of the Newcastle United fans punctuated the otherwise wall-to-wall red of the home fans.  The impact and intensity of colour was matched only by the soul-tingling tribal chanting around the ground.

The stuff of legends

Throughout we were in the company of the great and the good of Man Utd.  Matt Busby’s family still have their seats, Bobby Charlton was there, as were other ‘legends’.  Legend was a word I heard a lot that day.

Caught up in the atmosphere, I asked myself how much is this about the score line or is it about the shared passion and story of legends?  How much is it the very human need to identify with, belong and connect in a shared space with kindred spirits who believe in the same goal (excuse the pun)!

Of course, Manchester United is THE richest football brand in the world and the hospitality is slick-as-slick; but the genuine warmth of the welcome and down-to-earth passion for the game past, present and future was very real, palpable and touching.  It isn’t the massive brand machine that unites them and, proud as I am of my Liverpudlian roots and team, I enjoyed being amongst another tribe that day.

Just before kick-off there was a minute of applause to mark the death of Nelson Mandela.  Later that week, another stadium eight thousand miles away brought together a host of different tribes; all united in celebration of a legend and shared hope for the future.

Kindred spirit

On the train back, I read Tribes by Seth Godin, a book recommended by Karen Leigh Anderson; a true kindred spirit when it comes to looking at new ways of doing business and creating prosperity.  There’s nothing new in what Godin says but he cuts through the jargon of brand and marketing and taps into the value of belonging; how being part of something and being heard is more fundamental than the transaction, the product and the service.

Karen is South African and on hearing about my field guide adventures in the Kruger National Park, she lent me a book set in the area of the Park where I trained.

Tribal humanity

Our bush camp was on land that had belonged to a tribe before it was taken and absorbed into the Kruger Park in late 19th and early 20th century.  After South Africa’s first democratic election in1994, it was possible for locals to reclaim their land as a ‘concession’, as long as they leased it back as a conservation area.  In turn, this created employment for the local communities.  For example, Robert a would-be prince of his tribe was the camp cook for us would-be Level One Field Guides!  Robert’s food was great but I found the inequalities and history of the context far from palatable.

There were many things I struggled to get my head around that month in the Bush.  I met and worked with white people from the Afrikaans tribe and we discussed apartheid.  Our intensely khaki tutor warned of Uhuru-The Night of the Long Knives; an urban myth that people would wait until Mandela’s death then return to tribal warfare.

That was nearly five years ago but such deep-rooted fears still linger.  Let’s have the faith in humanity that the desire to belong to tribes united by hope, equality and peace is greater.

Raising a glass, champagne or otherwise, to you and wishing you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support of Noble Ox.

All the best

PS Did you know Matt Busby, one of Man Utd’s greatest managers, played over 100 games for Liverpool before the war?

PPS My Granny also knew Brian Epstein’s mother whose three-legged poodle was called Nemo, but that’s a different story!

More than meets the eye

more than meets the eye - Noble Oxtales

NOV 2013 –

meets the eye Noble OxtalesThere’s more to Noble Ox than meets the eye

Not only are we a trusted agency with a reputation for creating no-nonsense, hard-working marketing to inspire clients and their audiences alike…

Not only do we attracts clients who strive to deliver excellence to target markets they want to understand and value…

Not only do we have a proven track record in delivering brand marketing and design to drive business and prosperity…

BUT, we also keep our hooves firmly on the ground with our monthly no-nonsense Noble Oxtales; anecdotes from the antidote to marketing consultants.

No-nonsense Noble Ox

Check out the Noble Oxtale Track Record – from jazz on stage to jazz in a glass, from architectural shelving to traditional timber framing; from Fathers Network Scotland and Edinburgh’s green spaces to Common Futures international development.

Check out the Noble Oxtale archive – from the Sex Pistols to Andy Warhol and Lucille Ball, or perhaps it will be fly-fishing tales of the river bank and angel feathers that tickle your fancy.

Take a moment or two with the new Noble Ox website for a flavour of what we’re up to.

An ignoble Oxtale

ignoble ox

SEP 2013 –

ignoble oxtale

Just wanted to squeeze in an extra serving of Oxtale this month; a little light relief and a wee bit of nonsense…

Last week, my dear mum sent me an article about tracker and fixed rate mortgages.  Serious grown up stuff, ho hum!  Knowing me as she does, however, she ‘tempered’ the message by including an article about the annual Ig Nobel Prize. 

Now in its 23rd year, this welcome scientific spoof from the Annals of Improbable Research honours achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think”.  Wonderful!


As Noble Ox is an award winner of sorts (2 x VodafoneWorld of Difference and 1 x UK Packaging Award), there have been Noble Prize Oxtales in the past.  But, the connection to one particular Ig Nobel prize was temptingly tenuous enough to merit an Oxtale all of its own.

This year’s Ig Nobel Probability Prize was awarded to animal scientists at Scotland’s Rural College for making two related discoveries:

“First, that the longer a cow has been lying down, the more likely that cow will soon stand up.  And, second, that once a cow stands up, you cannot easily predict how soon that cow will lie down again.”

So on that note, rest assured that whether lying down, standing or even sitting at my desk, this no-nonsense hardworking Noble Ox appreciates some nonsense from time to time.

Off to lie down now… not sure for how long!

Fresh focus


SEP 2013 –

fresh focus oxtale

Pencils sharpened at the ready, desk lamp angle-poised; the seasons are shifting with fresh focus on the months ahead.

With projects galore and fantastic feedback, Noble Ox is delighted to confirm its continued support of Scotland’s Social Innovation Incubator Award.

Kicking off this week with Ignite Your Brand workshops at The Melting Pot in Edinburgh, Noble Ox provides mentoring, marketing support and inspiration.


Here’s some of the feedback from last year’s award-winners:

“Working with Noble Ox has been brilliant, Charlotte is really good at getting you to think about exactly what it is you want to say and how you want to say it (and then letting you think it was all your idea)!  Her no-nonsense approach means that you don’t get bogged down.  Central to the progress we have made is the need to do things properly.  Noble Ox has supported us with this and shown us that there is strength and value to being principled and taking the time to get it right.”

Charlotte Walters, Co-founder – The State

“The Noble Ox approach to branding was an innovative way to look at what is a difficult area for me.  It unlocked creativity – an enjoyable experience, which resulted in an excellent brand description and a very memorable and meaningful name. Thank you!” 

Pamela McLean, Managing Director – The Surefoot Effect

Hot-housing new talent

The Noble Ox partnership with The Melting Pot’s Social Innovation Incubator Award is an extension of our existing marketing surgery and workshop initiatives.  Since 2010, Noble Ox has been able to help over fifty organisations kick start their brand and marketing activity.

So, contact Noble Ox Marketing to discover how we can help you create the spark needed to drive your brand, business and prosperity.

All the best


Whose voice is it anyway?


whose voice oxtale


Most animals find their true voice naturally.  For humans, it can be difficult as we deal with the daily clutter of quick-win, smoke-mirror and mixed-message marketing.

Recently, I’ve been lucky to see, hear and feel some memorable human voices. Here’s a wee taster to help illustrate where I’m coming from…

Rules to be broken

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow; the perfect venue for the climax of the J-Word jazz project.

It was a magical live experience which will stay with me for a long time.  Each musician, a virtuoso in their own right, astonished us with solo expression.  Working together, they discovered a fresh and mesmerisingly different voice.  Their shared desire and confidence to communicate had liberated them to break the rules and find new ways to captivate and delight their audience.

Note to self – work with others to find new ways to captivate and delight.

Beyond words

The week before, I was captivated by a very different performance; the same confidence and desire to share, but this time through the language of dance.

The ‘star’ was the brilliant Brazilian dancer Carlos Acosta.  However, the hidden treasure revealed from beneath his balletic wing was the exquisitely gifted Zenaida Yanowsky; her movement and passion connected with the audience in a way so beautiful it was beyond words.

Note to self – discover and reveal the hidden gems that lie beyond expectation.

Angel delight

Early April, I was back in the good company of fellow Dark Angels for three days and nights of intensive word ‘smithery’.  It was a Masterclass in Creative Writing for Business and the follow up to the course I did in Spain in 2011 – The Angels’ Share.

This time we were living and breathing the rarefied atmosphere of Merton College, Oxford.  Humbled by the creativity and confidence of those around me, I was stretched and challenged to discover and express new voices: ghost stories of brands of yesteryear; metaphorical musings to describe the everyday; team projects inspired by flying visits to the Oxford University Press and the ancient scholarly pubs still haunted by literary giants.

For one evening, author Phillip Pullman joined us and generously shared his insights into the art of writing.  His is a very distinctive and instinctive voice and we hung on every word, our angel feathers fluttering with delight.

Note to self – flutter a feather with delight by describing the everyday in a different way.

What the Noble Ox has this to do with the real world?

What is marketing if it isn’t the art of cutting through the bland, grey-speak of everyday to find a distinctive human voice to captivate and inspire your audience?

Whatever the brief, the starting point is to find that voice.

During Noble Ox workshops, I share my favourite definition of the dreaded B-word: your brand is the truth about you well told.  Daft as it sounds, I also double-check that at least 99.9% of your target market are human beings!

All a bit obvious, I know, but it works.  Thereafter, the job is to strip away the nonsense, rediscover the essence, and then find the best way to tell that truth.  It’s an affirming and enjoyable process.  What’s more, it makes life easier for you, your colleagues and, most importantly, your target audience.

Contact Noble Ox to discuss how we can make sure the voice you use is your own.


Four letter words

The J Word

The J Word oxtaleMAR 2013 –

What is your favourite four letter word?

For me it varies; right now it has to be JAZZ.

Not only does it look great with its jaunty J and zesty double ZZ, it sounds great and can mean so many things…

More than sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

Jazz describes sex, drugs and the sassier side of life but, arguably, it is as an art form that it has its most understated yet far-reaching influence.

So, imagine the delight when Noble Ox was awarded the Creative Scotland tender to work with the Scottish Jazz Federation on a marketing and audience development project.  In addition to our general enthusiasm, it was the ten years’ experience of ‘coal face’ arts marketing experience that stood Noble Ox in good stead.

Herding cats

The project started in Septmber 2012 and has been a challenge on many levels: from herding Scotland’s Jazz cats, to breaking free of the cerebral, beard-stroking, polo-neck wearing, jazz stereotype that can alienate the rest of us!

The result?  Welcome to the J-Word – a pilot tour showcasing the best International and Scottish jazz.  Noble Ox is leading the project which celebrates a new collaboration of leading venues committed to sharing the best live music in the world.

The Noble Ox to do list includes:

  • Brand workshop – followed by creation of Brand DNA to underpin and shape the project
  • Visual Identity – logo and encompassing look and feel
  • Strategy planning and delivery – on and offline activity including website, tour print and advertising
  • Venue support on the ground – providing the marketing toolkit and day to day venue support
  • Final project review and recommendations to inform future policy….

The first J-Word tour starts this Sunday and all the box office information can be found at

The J-Word presents Yellowjackets and Trio Red:

Sun 10 Mar    Eden Court, Inverness

Mon 11 Mar    Concert Hall, Perth

Tue 12 Mar    Music Hall, Aberdeen

Wed 13 Mar     Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

Fri 15 Mar     Rothes Halls, Glenrothes.

The J-Word presentsTrilok Gurtu/Paolo Fresu/Omar Sosa and Fraser Fifield/Graeme Stephen:

Sun 28 Apr     The Sage, Gateshead

Mon 29 Apr     Concert Hall, Perth

Tue 30 Apr     Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow

Wed 1 May     Music Hall, Aberdeen

Thu 2 May      Eden Court, Inverness

Fri 3 May     Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

Sat 4 May     Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

Would be great if you could make it to a J-Word gig.

In the meantime, thank you for continued support for Noble Ox Marketing.Wishing you all the best and all that jazz…


Dare to believe


JAN 2013 –

dare to believe oxtale


A few years ago, I dared to dream of running my own business.

After two decades as an employee, did I really believe I could take my own path?

Today, the dream is very much a reality.

The Noble Ox ‘to do’ list for January and beyond includes:

  • brand marketing direction for major Scotland-wide music tour
  • brand relaunch for London-based film broadcast supplier
  • ongoing B2B marketing for SMEs across the UK
  • continued pro bono support for start up social enterprises

Kindred spirits

Along the way, Noble Ox enjoys the opportunity to work with favourite partners Frank Design.  Our creative relationship started back in 2008 when I led the The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s award-winning rebrand.  Since then, we have collaborated on various projects including Fathers Network Scotland and Common Futures.

Other trusted and lasting relationships include Scott Howard, Digital Aim who helped me take those first ‘soul’ trader steps in 2009 and Scott McBay, now with QueryClick.  Last month, I spent the afternoon with Scott McBay.  We discussed the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimisation, making sure Noble Ox remains up to speed with essential digital marketing expertise.

The company of angels

And, for further inspiration, let’s turn to my fellow Dark Angels.

For some time, I’ve been involved with a ‘movement’ of people who believe in the power and potential of creative writing.  Back in 2005, I pushed for, then led, the prestigious 26 Malts project, and in 2011, was lucky enough to take an Advanced Course in Creative Writing for Business (see Angels’ Share).  So recently, I was delighted to accept an invitation to the follow up Masterclass in Oxford, this April.

It’s not what you know…

Some hold to the adage that ‘it is not what you know, but who you know that matters’.  For me, it has always been both.  But, most importantly of all, it has to be about what you believe.

If you believe in what you do and the way you do it, if you care about who you do it for, the Noble Ox approach to brands, marketing and communication is for you.

All the best for 2013



Just so…

elephant child


just so oxtaleSo, just how did the elephant get its trunk or the leopard its spots?

The Elephant’s Child was my favourite of Kipling’s Just So StoriesI was a curious wee creature and this bedtime tale captured my imagination.

Insatiable curiosity

As with many great words, I remember the excitement of learning ‘insatiable’ and ‘curiosity’.  After all, it was the elephant calf’s ‘satiable curtiosity’ that led to adventure.  Around this time, I was also told I had a ‘vivid imagination’.  Yet more excitement!

Being ‘blessed’ with a curious nature and vivid imagination means I never get bored.  On a professional level, it drives Noble Ox.

Yes, I always have my schmarketing experience to hand BUT this would be of little use without curiosity and imagination.

Curiosity feeds the interest in discovering all there is to know about a project: the who, why, what and how.  It urges me to ask the right questions and, importantly, listen to the answers.

From there, imagination helps the creative juices flow, exploring and shaping the potential ways in which a brand, concept, product or project can be brought to life.

Variety is the spice

Such focus energises Noble Ox as we work hard with a great variety of projects on the go.  Our client base varies too, as we continue to attract people who want to deliver excellence and connect with target audiences in a meaningful way.

Just how we like it!  More on the latest projects in the New Year as, one by one, they come to fruition.  Meanwhile, to satisfy your own curiosity, keep an eye on the Noble Ox track record and the Noble Oxtale archive.

Thank you for your continued support of Noble Ox.

All the best



Illustration credit:Rudyard Kipling: The Elephant’s Child, illustration from ‘Just So Stories’.  British Library Add. MS 59840, f.35.
Copyright © The British Library Board

Oxtales of the riverbank

Cruncher Black Fritz Throat

SEP 2012 –

oxtales of the riverbank Grabbed a couple of days’ fly fishing up on the River Tay recently.  Such bliss!

Still very much a novice, I waddle and gallumph along the river in my over-sized waders.

It has been more than twelve years since my first tentative cast.  Over the seasons, I’ve caught a modest handful of fish, more by luck than judgement, and a fair few tree branches.  Of course, there are also the ones that got away; one time I nearly hooked a Yorkshire Terrier as my line whipped back behind me.

A lesson I learned quickly was to wish ‘Tight lines!’ to fellow fisher folk.  The angling equivalent of the theatrical term ‘break a leg’, I don’t know the exact meaning but it’s always well-meant.

As you can tell, fly fishing is more of a hobby than a dedicated pursuit.  I love casting my line and thoughts out across the water, letting them flow and take their course downstream.

In full flow

Now, from the aimless relaxation of fly fishing to some focussed business down by the Tweed, the great river which cuts a dash through the Border town of Peebles.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Tontine Hotel for an evening with the Business Savvy group.  Noble Ox worked with some Savvy members over the summer including Jenny Changleng, founder of First Aid Borders.  She was there on the night to share the branding project she had been through with Noble Ox.

To my delight, Jenny described the ways she is using her new brand ‘tool’ on a daily basis.  In full flow, she demonstrated how she is now well equipped with the confidence, professionalism and language to present her company, talk to potential clients and win business.

It was a great evening.  I was touched to see a client’s enthusiasm in showcasing how the Noble Ox approach has brought definition, inspiration and meaning to her business.  The other members of the group had some great feedback on Noble Ox too: 

‘I think your service is brilliant.’

I did not think I would get the depth of feeling and insight into my business, the wording is so powerful.  Your service is gentle, open and approachable.  Very well led and structured.’

‘FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!  I was satisfied 100%’

So, back to the day job

There we have two tales of the riverbank: one intentionally meandering, meaningless but well-meant; the other, full flowing with meaningful intent.

I can confirm that despite the day dreams of escaping to the Highlands to become a ghillie, I’ll be sticking to what I do best for the time being.

If, however, you happen to know where a short-ish girl with small-ish feet can get some waders to fit…

Tight lines!


PS  For those who would like to know, the fly accompanying this Noble Oxtale is a Black Fritz Throat Cruncher... blimey!

The antidote to marketing consultants

truth serum

JUL 2012 –

antidote to marketing consultants oxtale

The truth is, I am as cynical as the next person when it comes to marketing and branding.  Maybe moreso, with over twenty years at the coal face.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Danger: Unexploded Myths!

When meeting potential clients for the first time, I enjoy exploding a few myths.  Tho’ unexpected, the reassurance is always welcome.

To be honest, as Noble Ox reaches another birthday milestone, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Noble Ox first strode out in July 2009 and, from the start, I was determined to position the company as the antidote to marketing consultants I’m glad I did.

Reputation and recommendation are paramount, as is keeping it real and having some fun along the way.  We really love working with people who strive to deliver excellence and connect with audiences they understand and value.  More often than not, we attract clients who want to enhance the quality of life.

The proof of the pudding

Recent Noble Ox projects with the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT) attracted great feedback from Liz Stewart, ELGT’s Fundraising & Communications Manager:

“Noble Ox made a real and positive impact on ELGT, guiding us through a branding process to help us come up with a clear picture of who we are and how we wish others to see us.”

“Charlotte’s time with us has been hugely valuable, from a strategic perspective, but also on a very practical level, throwing herself into a number of on and offline projects.  She’s been great to work with – practical, insightful, hard-working – and a great deal of fun.”

“We’d recommend Noble Ox to anyone who wants to take a no-nonsense approach to marketing their organisation.”

The truth is out there

So as you can see, the truth really is in the name.  Our trusty Noble Ox forges ahead, dedicated to delivering honest, hardworking and imaginative inspiration to drive brands and prosperity.

For an overview of the ELGT project and others, help yourself to the Noble Ox track record.  And, of course, the Noble Oxtale archive is always there for a little light relief.

Please contact us to find out more about the Noble Ox approach to branding and marketing.

I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved over the last few years.  Thank you for your continued support in helping spread the word.

All the best



Holy cow!

warhol holy cow


holy cow oxtaleHoly Cow!  Do I detect a whiff of bull?

According to Andy Warhol, “Making money is art.  And working is art.  And good business is the best art.”

What do you think?

Opinions of Warhol as an artist, some say ‘marketeer’, can divide a room and, in this instance, I’m not sure I agree with him.

BUT, I do believe we need a serious injection of creativity to counter the encroaching grey imagery and language of business.  If not, we are in danger of alienating, even insulting, the essential target audiences we set out to engage and impress.


Being human is a good thing

At a recent Noble Ox brand workshop for small businesses, I was congratulated for “getting the job done without the aid of bull and jargon.”  My guess is this was due to the language I used to stress the importance of remembering that, by definition, there is always another human being involved in any communication.

In the same week, I challenged myself to write a brief for a client’s ‘corporate’ promo film without actually using the word corporate.  As business jargon, the ‘C word’ is an over-used adjective behind which much ill-defined meaning can hide.

Essential life and soul

As you can see, I’m on a mission.  Our trusty, hard-working Noble Ox is championing this vital cause; to breathe essential life and soul into the way we communicate and present ourselves.

So, if you know someone in danger of succumbing to the ever-present, dementor-like default of lacklustre grey-wash, please contact Noble Ox Marketing.

Act now, whilst there is still the chance to save them!

All the best


The heat is on

the heat is on

APR 2012 –

the heat is on oxtaleSomething’s cooking in Scotland and Noble Ox is stoking the fires.

Noble Ox is driven by a burning desire to help those working to improve the quality of life.  We are proud to announce our partnership in the new Social Innovation Incubation Award.

Hot-housing new talent

Launched by The Melting Pot, Scotland’s centre for social innovation, the Incubation Award is aimed at emerging trailblazers from across Edinburgh, Midlothian and Fife.  As part of a twelve month programme, the winning social innovators enjoy free access to practical resources including workspace, learning, support and advice sessions.


By providing mentoring, marketing support and inspiration, Noble Ox will help the award winners ignite their brands and connect with target audiences in a confident and meaningful way.

The programme starts in July this year and the closing date for TMP-Social Innovation Incubation Award applications is Fri 8 Jun.

Keeping the home fires burning

For Noble Ox, this new partnership is an extension of our existing pro bono marketing surgery and workshop initiatives.  Since November 2010, we have been able to help over forty organisations kick start their brand and marketing activity.

So, contact Noble Ox Marketing to discover how we can create the spark needed to drive your brand, business and prosperity.

All the best


Three little words

no nonsense hardworking inspiration

MAR 2012 –

three little words oxtaleSo, how would you describe your brand?

Tell us without using a jargon-fuelled, USP-laden ‘elevator pitch’ or showing us logos, typefaces, packaging or strap lines.

“Ok, so what are you after, then?”

Well, we would just like to know who you are, what you do and why or how you do it.  Ideally, it would be great if you could sum that up in three words.  And it’s really important you actually mean what you say.  

“Well, I’ll have a go but not sure what this has to do with branding!”

A seed was sown

Many moons ago, during an Ignite your Brand Noble Ox workshop, I shared three words from the Noble Ox Brand DNA; no-nonsense, hardworking, inspiration.

For Heather Gordon from Business Savvy, a seed was sown.  Now with spring around the corner, an inspiring joint project is about to blossom.

Noble Ox has been invited to host a brand event for Business Savvy.

Business Savvy is a member-led community enterprise, a great new initiative to help businesses support each other, strengthening the local economy and community.

Appropriately, the event will take place at the Sunflower restaurant in Peebles on Thu 26 April.  To find out more about Business Savvy and/or the event please contact Heather directly.

Like minds and minds liked

Meeting like minds is such a good thing, so we are always delighted to be approached by like-minded business folk who recognise the strength and confidence effective branding brings to any venture.

We will keep you posted on the other forthcoming Noble Ox partnerships.  In the meantime, visit to discover how Noble Ox Marketing can help your business grow and prosper.

All the best



Space suits

noble ox space suit

FEB 2012 –

space suit oxtaleWhen was the last time you had some space?

Was it space to think or do?  Or perhaps just the space to be?

My favourite is usually outdoors, preferably natural, ideally green.

Finding a space to suit can be a challenge and, whatever your preference, it usually means making time.

Space and time

Noble Ox’s recent success in winning a Vodafone World of Difference award ensures that, from March 2012, we have both time and space to work with Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT).

A local environmental charity, the Trust believes that quality local green spaces can have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being.  Working to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy their natural environment, the Trust collaborates with various partners for the benefit of people, wildlife, landscape and heritage.

Thanks to the World of Difference award, ELGT is able to commission Noble Ox to project manage a range of initiatives in the run up to the Trust’s 21st anniversary celebrations.

So, watch this space and we will keep you posted.

Space race

Back at Noble Ox HQ, the work continues as we create the space our clients need to stand out from the crowd.

Essentially, we help define your brand values, equipping you with the visual identity and on and offline marketing tools to get, then stay ahead.

Contact us to find out how Noble Ox Marketing can help your organisation create its own space in the market place.

All the best



Centre stage

horse head


horse headDo you captivate your audience?  If so, how?

First, attract attention!  Then, spark an interest…

Finally, ignite the desire to take action.

Now, you are centre stage.

For the first ten years of my marketing career, my job was to attract and develop audiences for the Arts.  ‘Getting bums on seats’ with shoestring budgets was hard work and I loved it. 

My work was inspired by the limitless energy and commitment the artistic teams invested in bringing stories to life.  With such skill and imagination, they harnessed their strong desire to connect and share their story in a way that had a lasting impact on audiences. 

Horse power

A few years ago, Michael Morpurgo met a First World War veteran in his local pub. The author’s imagination was fired by the stories the old man told of the horses he went to war alongside. Fast forward to December 2010, I received my own copy of War Horse by Michael Morpurgo for Christmas. Delighted and excited, I read it with relish.

Forward again to December 2011 and the very front row of the stalls at the New London Theatre.  War Horse is alive and kicking, this time right in front of me.  Just inches away from the action, I see, hear and feel every detail of the National Theatre’s truly amazing production, a powerful experience that will stay with me forever.

A glimpse at the ‘Making of War Horse’ documentary reveals the incredible lengths the artistic team go to as they bring the author’s words to life.  Now Spielberg is taking his turn to breathe new life into War Horse and the story will be shared with a global audience.

In the spotlight

Whatever your product or service, I believe lessons can be learnt from this creative desire to bring concepts and stories to life.

Are you connecting and making an impact in a way that does justice to what you do and the people with whom you want to do business?  For example, how much energy do you invest in the words you use and the images you present?    

Given the rather grey, grim economic backdrop against which we play, there is no better time to shine the spotlight on what you do and bring your brand to life.

We’d love to help, so contact Noble Ox to discuss how to take centre stage and captivate your audience in the year to come.

Many thanks and all the best


PS Thank you to the National Theatre for kind permission to use Simon Annan’s photography.

Water of life

DEC 2011 –

water of lifeThe Water of Life is such a great expression.

Fundamental, elemental and full of promise, it is a phrase found in fairy tales, science fiction and even the bible!

Noble Ox in full flow

For Nicholas Hepworth, founder of Common Futures, water really is fundamental.  Pioneering new ways to manage the life-giving resource equitably, Common Futures brings a fresh approach to the complex challenges of international development, climate change, environment and water management, and ‘doing business’ sustainably.

In summer 2011, Nick commissioned Noble Ox to create a brand, visual identity and website for Common Futures.  In October, Common Futures launched and the client was delighted: 

“Establishing a new entity is a daunting prospect, so working with Noble Ox has been brilliant; we knew we were in safe hands from the start.  Listening with sensitivity and perception, Charlotte led us through the branding process.  From there, she devised a bold, robust online approach inspiring the rest of the Noble Ox creative team to go the extra mile and deliver a fantastic visual identity and website…” 

Nicholas Hepworth PhD ~ Managing Director, Common Futures

Find out more about the Noble Ox approach to the Common Futures project, Noble Ox Track Record.

Water of life

The phrase also gives us the word whisky, derived from uisge beatha, the Gaelic for water of life.  Not surprisingly, this was the preferred definition on the Noble Ox Night at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in November.  Here, we were truly blessed with a life-affirming range of stunning single cask malts, a memorable evening, with great company…

“The event had a great feel.  On the way home I genuinely thought myself very lucky to have been invited to such a special but low key tasting.”   John Mark Di Ciacca ~ JEF Developments Ltd

A BIG thank you to the Society, Noble Ox looks forward to hosting more events in the year to come.

Charting new waters

Talking of which, the New Year holds much excitement as we dive into new projects with new clients, whilst making sure all brand and marketing activity for existing clients is water tight!

Contact us to discuss how the Noble Ox blend of imaginative, no-nonsense, hardworking marketing will drive your brand and prosperity in 2012.

Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support for Noble Ox, wishing you all the best for the festive season and coming New Year.


The Angels’ Share

Noble Ox Angels Share

NOV 2011 –

Noble Ox Angels ShareOver the last few weeks Noble Ox has been blessed with good fortune.

Flying high and taking new clients under our wing, we have enjoyed great adventures.

And, as for this month’s celestial theme?  Well, as you will see, angels really do feature throughout…

More on the new Noble Ox clients in the months to come, meanwhile, set your halo to a jaunty angle and let’s head south.

In the company of angels

Those familiar with my work know that, in business and beyond, I believe ‘communication’ often hides behind dull, jargon-fuelled language that does little to engage, let alone inspire.  For several years, I’ve followed the work of John Simmons, writer of Dark Angels – how writing releases creativity at work, a book that inspired the Dark Angels Creative Writing in Business courses.  In late September, I managed to squeeze onto one such course and flew to the autumn sun-kissed hills of Andalucia to join the Dark Angels.

John led the course with fellow tutor Stuart Delves, the gifted Edinburgh-based wordsmith with whom I worked on the acclaimed 26 Malts project.  John and Stuart treated us to four days and five nights of intensive tutorials, exercises and projects, helping us find new ways to unlock and express our imagination.

The company, the place and the course were heavenly and I was somewhat daunted by the calibre and talents of those around me.  So, when it came to the last night presentations, it did feel a little like the closing moments of It’s a Wonderful Life.  All we needed was the tinkle of a bell as this Dark Angel was awarded her wings.

Now from Spain to Scotland and the dark to the canny…

The angels’ share

Within the whisky industry, it is widely known that angels consume approximately two percent per annum of the whisky held in warehouses during the long maturation process.  Some call it evaporation; those in the know call it The Angels’ Share.

In early October, we invited folk to the first Noble Ox Night, a whisky tasting at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  This new venture was very much to test the water, to see if there was an appetite for such a gathering.  Well, within two days all the places were taken!

So, to all angels, especially those watching over writers and sleeping whisky casks, thank you for sharing the inspiration and the spirit.



Find out more about Noble Ox Marketing 


Noble Ox Nights – an invitation

OCT 2011 –

smws_logo_noble_ox_nightDon’t you just love it when worlds collide and paths cross?

I do, especially when it leads to the discovery of a shared interest and enthusiasm for single malt whisky.

To quote Mark Twain “Too much of anything is bad.  Too much of good whisky is barely enough.”

Since leaving The Scotch Malt Whisky Society to plough pastures new with Noble Ox, I have met and worked alongside a good number of folk with an interest, indeed a passion for single malts.

So, to celebrate these shared moments, we invite you to our very first Noble Ox Night – a private Whisky Tasting at the Vaults, the Society’s spiritual home in Leith, Edinburgh.

The time, the place

On Thursday 10 November at 6.30pm, a small group of like-minded souls will gather in the Tasting Room, the Society’s inner sanctum. Here, we will indulge in a relaxed evening, whetting the appetite with a welcoming dram, followed by a gently-guided, three whisky tasting and a selection of the chef’s most mouth-watering delights.

The Tasting Room provides the perfect setting.  This is the place where keen noses keep strict quality control over the casks put forward for bottling.  The individual casks that pass the scrutiny of the Society’s Panel are bottled at cask strength, each a limited edition, a truly exceptional encounter.

Talking of which, please note there are only ten places available for this truly exceptional encounter.

The deal (and what a deal)

My good friends at the Society are lending their support to this fledgling Noble Ox Night, so I’m delighted to say each place costs just £12.50 (inc VAT).  This is astonishingly good value for an evening of the world’s finest single cask, single malt whisky, savoured in good company and beautiful surroundings.

With such limited numbers, it really has to be first come first served.  So, please check your diary and contact Noble Ox soon to secure your places around the Society’s Tasting Table.

I really hope you can join us for a memorable Noble Ox Night

Slàinte mhath



Vintage Oxtale

SEP 2011 –

vintage oxWine is sunlight, held together by water ~ Galileo 

Maybe a wee bit early for the grape harvest, but this Oxtale is dedicated to all things ‘viticultural’, in honour of the winner of this year’s Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw.

Digging deep

Yesterday morning was spent amongst the rambling brambles around Arthurs Seat, clearing Himalayan Balsam, an ‘invasive species’ which affects the surrounding biodiversity.

For a short time we were joined by a very helpful 6 year old who was wonderfully curious about the whole exercise.  He didn’t speak a word of English but, luckily for me, he was French so we were able to chat to a certain extent, tho’ I had to dig deep for accurate vocabulary to describe what we were doing and why.

Mind you, it is well over twenty years since I lived in Montpellier, France where I wrote a dissertation on the French Wine Industry, the nearest my degree took me to anything to do with the land.

SO what has any of this bramble-type rambling to do with this year’s Noble Ox Prize Draw?  Well, not much really, other than a convoluted connection with wine and going back to some roots.

And the winner is…

This year, we’re excited that Linda Ward from Vintage Roots had all the right answers in all the right places and, in grape-like fashion, was picked randomly from a healthy bunch of entries.

Vintage Roots are ‘the organic wine people’ and, according to Linda, the offer of a free Noble Ox day has come at the right time…

“I first met Charlotte a couple of years’ ago and was impressed by her approachable nature – and loved the name of her business, particularly with my passion for biodynamic wine production and its relationship with the cow..!   Since then I have been a follower of Noble Ox Marketing so was delighted to hear that I was the winner of its birthday prize draw.  I am really excited about the opportunity to have a day with Charlotte to explore some of the project work I will be developing for our company.”

Onwards and upwards

Thank you for helping us celebrate this year, it is really encouraging to have your support as we reach each modest but meaningful milestone.  Meanwhile, back to the current projects as Noble Ox Marketing takes the strain but, as the August rain stops and starts outside, a final dedication to the vine…

There is not the hundredth part of the wine consumed in this kingdom that there ought to be. Our foggy climate wants help ~ Jane Austen (Northanger Abbey)

Cheers and all the best


Happy Birthday Noble Ox

JUN 2011 –

birthday oxtaleDoes time fly when you are having fun?  Well, another twelve months have flown by and as Noble Ox celebrates yet another birthday, we’re having fun.

So following the success of last year’s anniversary competition, join in the celebrations by taking part in this year’s Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw.

Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw

This is your chance to win a FREE Noble Ox Day AND either a bottle of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s finest single cask malt whisky or a meal for two at the award-winning Whitmuir the Organic Place.

Simply visit Noble Ox track record and the Noble Oxtale archive to find the answer to the following three questions:

  1. What iconic Scottish mammal was used in the new Corporate Identity for Fathers Network Scotland?
  2. Name at least one product featured on the Newtech Hardware homepage?
  3. Approximately how many Social Enterprises has Noble Ox supported over the last 12 months?

Please email your answers, including your name and a contact phone number via the email link on Noble Ox Contact by 29 July 2011. The winner will be selected at random w/c 1 August 2011.

Good Luck!

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and interest in Noble Ox Marketing

All the best


Nature of the beast

APR 2011 –

nature of the beastSurvival in the natural world requires massive investment.

It is only by creating an impact, sustaining a presence and finding a way to communicate that species can compete and survive…

So, why are these essentials often overlooked when it comes to competing and surviving in the business world?

Learning from the experts

In between and betwixt running Noble Ox, I volunteer for Historic Scotland’s countryside rangers, helping with biodiversity projects in my ‘back garden’ (also known to Edinburgh folk as Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park!).

Such endeavours provide the perfect antidote to ‘the day job’ but I also love the fact that lessons to learn from nature are never far away…

Take, for example, the sheer beauty of the plumage and exquisite melody of the tiniest bird, as it invests so much energy in making an impact, claiming a territory and differentiating itself from the competition.

Or, perhaps, it is the striking elegance of two swans engaged in mesmerising courtship display to attract, communicate and establish a lasting relationship.

Then, of course, there’s the vibrant, stunning colours and scents of the flowers competing to attract their essential target market for pollination.

The lessons to learn

Luckily for us, the benefits of all this investment are also there to refresh, inspire and invigorate the senses and souls of human beings.  An effect that is always welcome.

So, wouldn’t it be great if we could bring much more of that creative energy, delight and essential attraction into our own market place?  Why not?  It is, after all, the nature of the beast!

Investing in the way your organisation looks, feels and communicates is as fundamental to its survival as the proverbial ‘birds and bees’ are for humanity.

Standing out from the crowd

Such a great expression for this time of year when nature is in full flow with every species looking and performing their very best.  Competition is at its peak and territory is up for grabs, so the time to invest is now.

Contact Noble Ox Marketing, to discuss how we will ensure your organisation stands out from the crowd, creates an impact and makes its presence felt.


All the best


Off the shelf Oxtale

MAR 2011 –

off the shelf oxtale“Now, you know we don’t do ‘off the shelf solutions’ when it comes to marketing…”  I smiled.

This was on the day Noble Ox was commissioned by Newtech Hardware, a leading UK supplier of architectural shelving systems.

Needless to say, from the initial brand review to the development of a ‘joined-up’ on and offline marketing approach, including an ambitious website build, the Noble Ox approach was far from flat packed!

Getting the job done

The world of architectural shelving is a seriously competitive business, Newtech operates in a very crowded B2B market place.  Noble Ox advised that effective brand definition and differentiation was essential, as was a strategic SEO and keyword approach when it came to planning and delivering the digital marketing approach, including the website build and launch. 

Actions speak louder than words

You can find out more about the Newtech project plus other new case studies, by visiting Noble Ox Track Record.

AND finally, for a little light relief, visit to view the rather lovely slideshow now gracing the homepage.

Let me know what you think


All the best


Solid as an Ox

FEB 2011 –

solid as an OxA good reputation is paramount when it comes to building a solid foundation for sustained success.

With this in mind, Noble Ox works hard to maintain its reputation as a trusted agency delivering no-nonsense, hardworking marketing to drive brands and prosperity.

We focus on driving up standards of communication and presentation, equipping our clients with the confidence to engage and inspire existing and potential audiences.

In turn, Noble Ox attracts clients who care about what they do and, importantly, the way they do it. Driven by the desire to deliver excellence and connect with target audiences in a meaningful way, Noble Ox clients understand the difference between good and bad marketing.

Noble Ox client feedback from recent projects:

Thanks to Noble Ox, we have a clearer idea of our values and a much better website!   We very much enjoyed working with Charlotte and gained a great deal from the process.  Our expectations, both of the process and the end result, were well managed through Charlotte’s clear communication style.  We look forward to working with Noble Ox again in the future.

Richard Wilkinson, Heartwood Timber Frames (Jan 2011)

Working with Noble Ox has meant we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently tackle a problem which was severely holding the business back.  The communication was clear and direct and the project was fun and a breath of fresh air.  Noble Ox delivered a high quality solution which has transformed our fortunes.

I would recommend Noble Ox to anyone – finding a team so focussed on and receptive to a client’s needs as well as offering such a direct and personal service is, in my experience, very rare. Their service was exceptional – thank you, Noble Ox!

David Drysdale, Fathers Network Scotland (Jan 2011)

To provide a solid foundation for your brand, marketing and communications, find out more about the no-nonsense, hardworking Noble Ox approach to marketing

All the best


A festive Oxtale

DEC 2010 –

Festive OxtaleAs the end of 2010 approaches there’s plenty to celebrate: the prospect of a new year, the achievements of the year gone by and a well-earned break with loved ones… phew!

With this in mind, the Noble Ox is looking forward to some great new projects for 2011, and is also celebrating the sign off of some great 2010 projects.

New Noble Ox Case Studies

Noble Ox is proud to have worked with, amongst others, Bailprint Labels and Heartwood Timber Frames over recent months.  These are two companies with a story to tell, so Noble Ox set to work defining the essential brand characteristics for both, before planning and delivering a website presence to reflect the ethos, credentials and proposition of both companies.

For details of these projects along with other Noble Ox achievements, please visit the Noble Ox Track Record pages of  Then you could always hop across to the Noble Oxtale archive for a quick overview of previous monthly musings.

And finally…

As we sign off for another year, I’d like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has worked with and supported Noble Ox Marketing in 2010 including:

The Wilderness Foundation, The John Muir Trust, Vodafone World of Difference Foundation, Frank Design, Eero and Riley, Claire Foottit, Scott Howard, Scott McBay, Lazy Lohans, Whitmuir the Organic Place, Modem Operandi, Nicky Orr, The Melting Pot, Joyworks, Prophet Scotland, Heartwood Timber Frames, Bailprint Labels, Newtech Hardware and Fathers’ Network Scotland.

Sending very best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

All the very best


Sacred cows and trapped elephants

NOV 2010 –

Noble Ox-Sacred Cow OxtaleSacred Cow (idiom) – that which cannot be tampered with, or criticised, for fear of outcry.  A person, institution or belief system which should be accorded respect or reverence, and not touched, handled or examined too closely.

Ho hum… well, in my opinion the Sacred Cow of marketing has to be ‘Branding’ the oft misunderstood, misquoted terminology that has people perplexed and bewildered in equal measure.

Stuck spanners and trapped elephants

Not having a clearly defined brand puts a spanner in the works and traps a rather large elephant in the room… but stop STOP with the idioms, enough already? …maybe not!

The no-nonsense, hardworking Noble Ox takes great pleasure in removing aforementioned spanners and releasing poor cornered pachyderms from confined spaces.

Noble Ox helps clients define their brand which, in turn, inspires a real sea-change and momentum as confidence grows and communications improve.  Importantly, once a brand has been defined, the navel-gazing stops.  This frees up time, energy and essential creativity for clients to deliver effectively to audiences they respect and understand.

Igniting brands and exploding myths

A recent Noble Ox marketing event (on 5th Nov) focused on the art of branding.  Inspired by Guy Fawkes, we also took the opportunity to explode a few marketing myths along the way!  Feedback from the audience described the event as…

“Extremely helpful”

“Excellent… Inspiring”

“Relaxed, comfortable and informative”

“Good … a real wake up call”

“Excellent.  Really engaging and interesting”

“Really thoughtful and honest approach – great facilitation”

So, if your brand is a trapped beast, sacred or otherwise, do yourself, your organisation and, most importantly, your existing and potential customers a favour.  Contact Noble Ox Marketing for some no-nonsense, hardworking marketing to drive your brand and prosperity.

All the best


Never mind the bullocks

SEP 2010 –

never mind the Noble Ox


I must have been nine when my brother returned home with his brand new LP, Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols.

“What does the word bollocks mean?” I asked, with an insatiable curiosity that I’m glad to say has stayed with me.

My brother, being the best big brother, went on to explain, equipping me with the anatomical and figurative definitions, both of which I have been using appropriately and to good effect ever since.

October 2010 marks the 33rd anniversary of the release of this, the Pistols’ only studio album.  And as the record and my brother continue to inspire, I thought it time to take the figurative definition and air some no-nonsense Noble Ox views…


Pretty Vacant or Fully Engaged

Let’s face it, when people think ‘marketing’, they often think ‘bullshit’.  The whiff of bad marketing and ill-conceived communications can be detected a mile off, with the hollow sound of lazy clichés leaving your potential customers feeling ‘pretty vacant’ as Johnny Rotten would say!!

Throughout my marketing career, I’ve been fortunate to work with organisations that believe and take pride in the quality and presentation of their products and services.  In itself, that’s great but it has always been as important to me that they really want to engage, understand and serve their target audiences.

This commitment and respect for the target market sounds so obvious, but experience also demonstrates that as soon as this relationship is neglected or taken for granted… that all too familiar farmyard smell can be so easily detected.

Sweet Smell of Success

Refreshingly, Noble Ox Marketing attracts an inspiring range of clients, all of which are driven by a great sense of quality and belief in what they do.  Fortunately, they also want to create meaningful connections with their existing and potential audiences.  That’s where the no-nonsense, hard-working Noble Ox comes in and the sweet smell of success soon follows.

So when you decide that now is time to pursue a no-nonsense approach to your marketing communications, take a moment to check out some Noble Ox Track Record and Noble Oxtales then please remember the line Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s The Noble Ox.

All the best


Over the moon

AUG 2010 –

over the moon oxtale


Have you ever seen a cow jump over the moon?

It must be a sight to behold, especially when it’s a full moon, which as it happens is today.

So, keep an eye out later as the Noble Ox takes to the skies… but why such a huge spring in the Ox’s hoofed step?

Well, we’re delighted to welcome a new client to Noble Ox and, of course, it’s time to announce the winner of the Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw.

And the winner of the Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw is….

Thanks to everyone who entered, the response was great and very touching, thank you.  Susan Pettie, director of Prophet Scotland won the free Noble Ox day and plumped for the bottle of Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s single cask malt.  Appropriately, a meeting at the Society’s Queen Street Members Room this week kicked off the start of a great new working relationship… that, and a bottle of Cask 9.53 – Peppery Explosion.

Oak-framed Noble Ox

And, whilst we’re at it, let’s raise a glass to welcome another new client to Noble Ox, this time from the world of wood and house building.  This is a fantastic project to define a brand and corporate identity, in turn developing an effective online presence for a Scotland-based oak timber frame company.

So with these new projects, plus ongoing work for existing clients, thank goodness a full moon signals a period of creativity!  We’ll keep you posted on progress made…

Meanwhile, for those looking for the answers to the Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw, check out the Noble Oxtale archive.  And, for more information on the Noble Ox approach to marketing, please visit

Bye for now


Happy Birthday Noble Ox

JULY 2010 –

noble ox birthday cake


No-nonsense, hard-working Noble Ox Marketing was launched in July 2009 and I’m proud to report that over the last 12 months a lot of no-nonsense, hardworking marketing has been going on.

Over the months, we’ve taken great delight in the sheer variety of our clients, their projects and the working day (sometimes night)!  It’s been exciting, at times exhilarating and we’re raring to go as we embrace our second year with the same zeal and passion.

Noble Ox was built on a solid foundation of some 20 years marketing experience.  Take a look at our refreshed and revitalised Noble Ox Client Track Record page for background information.


Now, let’s get back to those birthday celebrations…

noble ox birthday
Noble Ox Birthday Prize Draw Competition

For your chance to win a FREE Noble Ox Day AND either a bottle of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s finest single cask, single malt whisky or a meal for two at Whitmuir the Organic Place or Lazy Lohan’s Bistro…

Simply visit the new Noble Oxtale archive to find the answer to the following three questions:

1. Which famous American star featured in May 2010 said “If you want something done, ask a busy person”?
What was the name of the Lucky Cow featured in Mar 2010?
3. What was the Noble prize-winning project announced in Nov 2009?

Please email your answers, including your name and a contact phone number via the Noble Ox Contact page by 30 July 2010.  The winner will be selected at random w/c 2 August 2010. 

Good Luck!

In the meantime, thank you for all the support for Year One of Noble Ox Marketing

All the best
Charlotte Halliday

Up to yer Oxters

lucille ball oxtale

MAY 2010 –

lucille ball oxtaleIt may not be very lady-like but I really love the expression, ‘up to yer oxters’.

It does the trick when describing those hard-working times when the list of things to do just keeps on growing.

With this in mind, I’m delighted to report that Noble Ox is up to its oxters.  This is great news given no-nonsense hardworking marketing is what Noble Ox is all about.

But what has that to do with Lucille Ball?

Well, rather an image of one of America’s most popular and influential stars than an armpit to illustrate the latest Noble Oxtale!  Besides, amongst the many pearls of wisdom Ms Ball shared with her audience was another personal favourite –

“If you want something done, ask a busy person…”

So, if you ‘want something done’, you know where to find us.  Contact us to discuss how the hardworking no-nonsense Noble Ox approach to marketing can drive your brand and prosperity.

All the best


Slow-cooked Noble Oxtale

APR 2010 –

slow cooked oxtaleWell, who would have thought that there would be so much inspiration for the monthly Noble Oxtale…?

Last month’s edition Lucky Cow attracted a great response, so thank you for all the lovely feedback.

This month, the spotlight turns on another Noble Ox client, an up and coming Edinburgh bistro with plenty to celebrate.

Lazy Lohan’s Bistro, Edinburgh

Lazy Lohan’s Bistro attracts free-thinking lovers of energising, healthy and satisfying eco-gastronomy.  Since opening in 2007, this warm, friendly and unassuming ‘boutique style’ bistro has charmed and delighted its regulars and those visiting Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

The approach of the Lazy Lohan team is far from lazy and is inspired by the ethos of the Slow Food Movement.  With true commitment to healthy eating and eco-gastronomy with a twist, Lazy Lohan’s Bistro is dedicated to creating delicious seasonal menus, using carefully and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. 

The Noble Ox Recipe for Lazy Lohan’s Bistro

Noble Ox has been working with Lazy Lohan’s owner and head chef Tina Kenny to define, position and bring the Lazy Lohan brand to life ensuring the style of the bistro’s presentation and communication matches the exquisite substance.

“As a small business owner who is passionate about their product it can be difficult to translate this to a wider audience.  Working with Noble Ox has been key to us moving forward and reaching like-minded people who are as passionate about food as we are”  Tina Kenny, Lazy Lohan’s Bistro

Building on the success of a mini-season of food and drink events in late 2009, the bistro is hosting a week of tasty Lazy Lohan’s Bistro Bites from 15-22 May.  The celebrations will coincide with the launch of a new website in May and a fresh new look to the bistro itself. 

More Noble Ox Serving Suggestions

Variety really does add flavour to the working week as the hard-working Noble Ox enjoys a great range of projects and campaigns.  From making websites work harder to event marketing and PR, and from essential frontline consumer research to substantial brand definition and development.

Are you hungry for some delicious quick wins for your business?


Is it a lasting strategic approach to define and communicate your brand that whet’s your appetite?

Whatever you’re looking for, the Noble Ox approach to marketing has all the ingredients you need to revive your company’s communication and presentation.  Please contact Noble Ox Marketing to find out how we can deliver for your business.

All the best



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Phone: +44 (0)7778 530771

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