Lazy Lohans Bistro

Working with Noble Ox has been key to us moving forward.”

Brand definition, market development and digital marketing –
Lazy Lohans Bistro


With the challenge of its position towards the bottom of Edinburgh’s tartan clad Royal Mile and a determination to steer clear of jumping on the shortbread bandwagon, Lazy Lohans Bistro was in need of some brand definition. Known only to those ‘in the know’ the Bistro lacked visibility and brand presence.

Lazy Lohans Bistro website Noble Ox brief

By revisiting owner Tina Kenny’s original vision, Noble Ox was able to define and differentiate the Bistro’s proposition, brand and positioning.

Brand DNA and digital approach

From there, it was a joy to develop a strong look and feel and a confident tone of voice for the Bistro. With this foundation in place, Noble Ox undertook an extensive digital marketing campaign including a new website, building Lazy Lohans online profile. In addition, Noble Ox delivered a variety of event and database marketing activity ensuring Lazy Lohans Bistro remains well and truly on the map.


Lazy Lohans Bistro website

Client feedback

“As a small business owner who is passionate about their product it can be difficult to translate this to a wider audience. This is where working with Noble Ox has been key to us moving forward and reaching like-minded people who are as passionate about food as we are.”
Tina Kenny – Owner and Head Chef, Lazy Lohans Bistro (2010)

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