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Mocean Energy and Noble OxMocean Energy – pioneering wave technology

Back in 2016-17, Noble Ox was commissioned by Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation ECCI, to help support their trailblazing low carbon business development programme.

The Carbon Ideas incubation programme supported startup companies working to develop new technologies and approaches to minimise carbon footprint.

Noble Ox created a series of brand and digital marketing workshops and mentoring sessions. We worked with projects ranging from geothermal, wave and solar energy to textile production and urban farming. One such project was Mocean Energy, at the time a company very much in its early stages.

Mocean Energy and Noble Ox

Impressed with the Noble Ox approach when they were at ECCI, Mocean Energy founder directors Dr Cameron McNatt and Dr Chris Retzler got back in touch with Noble Ox towards the end of 2018. They had been awarded with significant funding and were ready to invest.

The Mocean team recognised the essential need for effective brand definition, visual identity and an online approach to pave the way for the next crucial stage in their company’s development.

Well-versed in translating the technicalities of science and technology to engage effectively on a human level, Noble Ox was delighted to help.

Mocean Energy Brand Definition

An initial session with Cameron and Chris opened up the conversation to explore Mocean’s origins and ethos, credentials and market approach, not to mention their groundbreaking wave energy technology.  The follow up included extensive desk research into the sector in which Mocean Energy is operating.

From there, Noble Ox created Mocean Energy’s Brand Definition and tone of voice. Cameron and Chris were delighted and impressed with the way in which they could now confidently and consistently define and express the ‘who, why, what and so what’ of their pioneering approach. The Brand Definition enables them to do so in a way to engage their future clients, partners and team members.

A word or two about Mocean Energy

Mocean Energy is a globally-focussed, Edinburgh-based company leading the drive to harness energy from ocean waves. Mocean’s pioneering, high performance core technology is helping accelerate the essential transition needed to secure the world’s renewable, carbon-free energy supply.

Dedication and a shared vision of co-founders Dr Cameron McNatt and Dr Chris Retzler lie at the heart of Mocean Energy,

“There’s nowhere else to go except into the blue, but it cannot be a wild frontier.
We need a new knowledge-driven consciousness so we can protect the oceans while meeting human needs.”

At the forefront of global wave energy production, Mocean Energy is on the right side of history helping redefine our future.

The Visual Identity and Digital Approach

We then brought the Brand to life. Noble Ox briefed and delivered a striking new Visual Identity for Mocean energy, working with one of our favourite and long-standing design partners, Frank Design.

Equipped with the brand, tone of voice, logo and colour palette, the next step was to brief and project manage Mocean Energy’s  website build. Noble Ox led the way, devising and delivering a site structure and keyword approach to help ensure the new website worked well for humans and search engines.

As ever, all these projects were completed by Noble Ox on brief, on time and within budget.

We were proud to work with Mocean Energy and delighted with the results.

More often than not, Noble Ox works with people who aim to enhance the quality of life (for people and the planet) and who want to deliver excellence and connect in a meaningful way.  The Mocean Energy projects are great examples to add to the growing Noble Ox portfolio.

As ever, we were also delighted to receive great client feedback,

“Charlotte is well organised and has a structured process that helped us not just to develop our brand but to understand our identity so that our brand truly reflected our positioning, values and vision. I think what drew us to Noble Ox was Charlotte’s clear passion for marketing and helping clients achieve their aims with their companies. We’re very proud of the brand we developed with Noble Ox, it’s professional but exciting, and it gives us a lot of confidence in our future business development.”

Cameron McNatt, Founder and Managing Director, Mocean Energy

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