A BIG Noble Ox thank you

Noble Ox - a festive thank youA SHINY-NOSED

Thank you and very best wishes to all Noble Ox clients, partners, followers and friends for all their support this year.

It’s been a bumper year for Noble Ox Marketing with a perfect mix of brand marketing work, marketing training and mentoring plus all things digital marketing including content creation and management.

You know how much we love words and word-wrangling!


Noble Ox in Scotland

In no particular order, to coin a phrase, we’d especially like to thank Social Enterprise Scotland, The Melting Pot and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation for an inspiring range of incubation mentoring and training commissions plus award-judging opportunities.

Since we started out in 2009, Noble Ox has been a big supporter of social enterprise and social innovation. We are committed to doing all we can for this growing and essential sector of Scotland’s economy.

Talking of which, the past 12 months has also included a range of on and offline brand and marketing for McSence, Fathers Network Scotland, Munch Together and Water Witness International.

Noble Ox across the UK

A little further afield we were chuffed to welcome a new London-based client, PerformancePro, to the Noble Ox stable.  We thank long term collaborators Frank Design and like-minded marketing soul Nike Siffre for recommending us.

When it comes to sourcing, writing and coordinating content for PerformancePro’s website, email and social media campaigns, we’re literally spoilt for choice. It’s a joy to work with a client who knows and really cares about what they do and the relationship they have with their own clients.

The same applies to our much-loved Bailprint. With a working relationship spanning four years or so, we’re never short of inspiration when it comes to writing the monthly newsletter campaigns for this Lancashire-based label printer.

Noble Ox Marketing in 2018

In the last Noble Oxtale we talked about brand definition and telling the truth well. Its meaning seemed to strike a chord with people and it was heartening to receive good feedback.

With this in mind, we look forward to 2017 as Noble Ox continues to attract clients who strive to connect with and deliver excellence to target audiences they want to understand and value.

Let’s catch up in the New Year to discuss how we can work together!

All the best


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