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Noble Ox Marketing started trading on 13 July 2009. As our 9th birthday approaches, we’re taking a breath to say thank you to clients and friends and to look to the future.

I started Noble Ox during the financial crisis. I’d been made redundant from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. At the time SMWS was owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy and, not surprisingly, the premium luxury sector was adversely affected by the crash.

People advised me I had nothing to lose by going freelance. It was still a daunting prospect. I’d been securely employed all my working life.

The first half of my career was in arts and event marketing, the relentless pursuit of bums for seats. The second half had mostly been spent immersed in the aforementioned world of whisky.


So I hade a great breadth and depth of experience, from small budgets to big nonsense budgets. Not to mention an impressive range of project and expectation management! Even so, starting my own business was a brave step.

As Strong as an Ox – the strength of the brand

From the start, I took the time to define and create the Noble Ox brand. This helped the business enormously and still does. It also reassured me that my strengths lay in helping others do the same.

Having a brand as strong as on ox continues to work hard for me and Noble Ox. It reflects and substantiates the ethos, credentials and work ethic of the business, as all good brands should!

Over the years, Noble Ox has helped a whole range of organisations to define and present their brands. Alongside, we’ve developed our popular Noble Ox training and mentoring support for start-ups and established businesses alike. We also provide quality content and digital marketing services.

Everything Noble Ox does makes life easier for our clients and for their clients in return. As a result, most of our new business comes through recommendation. Just how we want it!

After all, like attracts like. Noble Ox attracts clients who strive to deliver excellence and connect with target audiences they understand and value.

Hard-working Noble Ox

Over the last year or so we’ve been hiding our light under the proverbial bushel. The cobbler’s children and master builder’s house being without shoes or a roof! Our once monthly Noble Oxtales have been few and far between. Rest assured, however, we’ve been here all along busy working hard, looking after our clients.

Given the almost radio silence, we’re very appreciative of the great response to the recent GDPR email.

THANK YOU for keeping touch.


As strong as an ox, Noble Ox forges ahead into our 10th year. And we aim to take you with us, providing useful, occasionally amusing, insights along the way.

In the meantime, please help yourself to the refreshed You’ll notice some new posts in the growing archive of other Noble Ox track records and Noble Oxtales, including:

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Thank you for your continued interest and support for Noble Ox.

If you’ve any branding or marketing challenges, or just need to sense check your approach, please contact Noble Ox for a chat.

We really are here to make your life easier!

Charlotte Halliday
Founder Director
Noble Ox Marketing

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